Children Photography

My main specialisation is children photography.  99% I photograph outside in natural environment with natural light.  

Each kid devotes his own photo story, depending on his character, hobbies, temperament.  Dancer, artist, sportsmen, animal lover - we can create a story especially for your child.  Or we can just go for a walk and I am sure we will get a lot of great pictures. My portfolio will give you some ideas of what we may shoot and we always can do something new for your special child. 

Animals are like children, so maybe that's why it is one of my favourite type of photography.  Being a member of a family, pet also deserves a good photo. If you want to keep a memory of you pet, don't postpone photo session. Time goes fast and sometimes pets leave us earlier than we expect.  For photographing dogs I use natural environment in majority cases.  But if you prefer studio, we can always do that. Professional pictures is a must for animal breeding kennels, so I do this type of photography also. 

Imagine yourself with your family sitting around the table 10, 20, 30 years from now. What will you show your children and grandchildren when say ask about your life? Will it be jpegs or tons of digital photos on hard drives? Or it will be real prints that you can show them and share? I always recommend my clients to keep the most precious moments on paper.  Photo albums and photo books are the best options for this.   Photo books can have different covers - from simple photo cover to luxurious linen and leather covers,  Simple photo paper to thick lay-flat pager, Sizes from tiny to a big 30x30 cm album.  It's up to you, what to choose and to save for generations to come.


Object Photography

This type of photography is a necessary thing for professionals in different ares who sell their products through websites. Customers buy with their eyes. They pay attention to the appearance of an item, its characteristic features, and what makes it stand out. I make professional photos for florists, confectioners and other artists.